Interview with Lotusly, Designer + CEO of Lunar Bikinis

By Jazlyn Vy |

Meet Lotusly! A swimwear line owner, photographer, and book-stagrammer living in Miami.

Lotusly 2021. @lotusly6

"Lunar is a handmade swimwear brand and soon to be conglomerate of many other products as well. I started hand-sewing bikinis approximately a year ago and have always had ideas for clothing designs but never had the sewing skills. So, I bought myself the machines and started with bikinis, something that I have always been interested in. I wanted to keep my target market to swimwear and perfect that craft.

Lunar is attention-seeking, a brand meant to make the individual stand out.

It doesn’t consist of mass-produced, replicated designs or products like most of these fast-fashion companies."

I came across Lotusly like one meets anyone nowadays, on Instagram. I find myself inexplicably gravitated to women such as her, and there's no better way than to describe it as simply understanding her energy. Lotusly and her brand visually scream Miami, and I am infatuated by the way that her product shots capture this perfectly. I had to dig deeper into Miami's influence on Lunar.

"Living in Miami has emphasized my obsession with swimwear… we must have a million bikinis. I remember going to the beach every single weekend, and I finally have the chance to combine my love for the ocean with fashion.

We also love to show a lot of skin here, therefore my bikinis are hot!"

Estrella 2021, @estrellagun via @lunaratm

When asked about goals for Lunar Lotusly says:

"Soon I hope to expand my brand to have its own brick and mortar, so that it is not solely an online experience. I hope to reach worldwide customers while still being a humble, 'for-everyone' brand. I would also love to work on collaborations with other business owners and combine our products to make something unique. Lunar will be an all-inclusive brand for all shapes and sizes, I want people to be confident in what I make and feel that their bodies are beautiful."

Estrella 2021, @estrellagun via @lunaratm

With a beautiful name such as Lunar, I was curious as to why she chose it to represent her and her designs.

"This past year has been a very strong focal point in my spiritual journey, something that I have kept private. With Lunar, I hope to become more open and bring people together with not only my products but also with spiritually-guiding principles, sort of like a community. I have a special relationship with the moon, and so do others and that in itself signifies a strong bond for me with the brand name Lunar."

In the age of fast-food style fashion, it feels nearly impossible to create clothing that feels genuine, yet Lunar does this perfectly with their unique bikinis. I had to know where Lotusly turns to when looking for some creative inspiration.

"My favorite designer of all time is Jean Paul Gaultier, and for many years most of my inspiration has come from his designs. Everything he creates is eccentric and electric, there is no designer out there like him. His brand is a mix of ready-to wear garments along with haute couture, and he is so influential that his brand has made an entire comeback thanks to big-named celebrities. I am also in love with the 80s era, especially its architecture and interior design. I want to incorporate this time and the “vintage” look into my products."

Lunar will not only sell bikinis. We can look forward to seeing outfits and even jewelry from this Miami-based brand.

Oftentimes business owners start their endeavors with little knowledge going into it. This leads to a whole world of learning that we must navigate on our own, and naturally these things learned spill into our personal life. I wanted to hear from Lotusly about her experience with this and asked what things she learned as a business owner that helped her personally.

"Self-love!! Many times, when running a business, you cannot seek outside reassurance. You must have 100% confidence in your work in order to be successful. There will not be anyone else that has to tell you to keep going, to get up every day. It involves a great amount of self-belief."

"Owning a business requires you to do things just for you."

"I have also learned the importance of talking yourself out of negative thinking. I now have a very 'new-age thinking' and long-term development type of game, and this translates into my personal life as I have come a long way in discovering who I am, my beliefs, values, and what my purpose is."

Finally, as humans we all face struggles that can make us unsure of ourselves. Now as business owners, these difficulties can feel magnified as our work is manifested into a physical form for others to judge and criticize. With that said, I wanted to know Lotusly's biggest challenge in life, and how she works against it.

"Self-doubt has been my number one obstacle. Even if you have come very far in your goals and desires, there is always a voice telling you it may not be enough. I have had a hard time being confident in my work, especially when there is so much competition. I must tell myself that my work is one of a kind and that it has great potential."

"We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others because everyone is on their own path."

"Also, in this fast-paced society, we feel like we’re racing against time or 'we won’t make it' One thing that has helped me is realizing that it is okay to have some low-productivity rest days, as well as realizing that time is not against you. Balance in my life has been difficult since I am a full-time student. It has been hard doing so many things at once as well as focusing on my brand.

Having many projects, skills, and multiple sources of income is all possible, you just have to plan it out day by day by building a schedule that includes a little bit of everything daily."

Lunar just dropped a collection of bikinis in October 2021.

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