Interview with Schellbie Bibbins: Designer, Artist, and Owner of AP Studios.

Most times, those that inspire me are the ones that I already know and love. This is especially true for my sweet Schellbie, a friend of mine that I met about a year ago in Atlanta. I was immediately in awe by her beauty, talent, and overall personality. Schellbie is someone you can guarantee that you'll have a good time with, in any type of setting. She is an amazing person with a lot on her plate, and I wanted to hear more about everything Schellbie has going on.

2021 via @waaterydiamonds

"Hi! My name is Schellbie Bibbins and I’m 21 years old. I was born in Douglasville GA, which is a super small town about an hour away from the city. When I was in high school I finally moved to Atlanta where I felt way more comfortable just being myself in general.

I currently attend Berkeley College in New York City where I’m studying fashion merchandising.

This is really only a small portion of what I 'do' exactly but I always start with that.

Schellbie's mother is from Haiti and her father Alabama, and as if she couldn't appear any better she also speaks French. I always admire those that are multilingual because it expands the groups of people that one can connect and communicate with. Schellbie describes to me her experience speaking French and the ways in which her exposure to different cultures has impacted her.

"So yes I do in fact speak French, and at one point in time I actually spoke French better than English. Overtime I began spending less time with my grandmother just due to the fact that my family and I moved pretty far away, so my French is not as good as it once was since the key is to speak French at least everyday."

"Being a Haitian woman and having a tight knit Haitian family has definitely allowed me to see the world from a different view."

"Any time someone is from the islands, their way of life is very different from Americans. Growing up there were some habits that I didn’t even realize were from my Haitian heritage until I began making American friends. Ultimately, I feel like my heritage has given me a pretty wide perspective on certain things."

I asked Schellbie to speak to me more about her brand Authorized Personnel, and the beginnings of it.

I’ve had my brand Authorized Personnel for exactly a year now and I recently just had a rebrand which goes by the name AP Studios, and to sum it up, it is a creative space to release several different forms of art."

"I have always been intrigued by not only the looks of fashion and art, but also by the process behind it and how certain pieces come to life; and also by the differing perceptions each person may have behind a piece."

"So I came up with Authorized Personnel randomly just sitting in my dorm my freshman year of college when I kind of just started doodling. It wasn’t a big thing coming up with the name of it,

I kind of just wanted something that sounded like it was something you know?"

"It was originally inspired by the band Metallica. The brand logo was super sick and very edgy and I had a whole collection of some pretty provocative clothing. It also was all womenswear. I think the turning point of the brand came in when I began adding purpose to the brand and why I wanted to do it and who I really was as a person. Not saying the original concept wasn’t representative of myself as well, but it began to be more about the kind of energy I wanted to put out into the world and who I wanted to represent."

As for her goals concerning AP Studios and future projects:

"Eventually when I establish the true meaning and concept behind “AP studios” I want it to be an actual studio space that allows every art form to be represented and out on display. This can be clothing, paintings, music, etc. I have a separate page on Instagram (@onmybodyyy) and the bio says “the way art, fashion, and music combine” and that has always been my motto, I want to connect the dots for everyone! And show how talented my mutuals are that don’t really get enough credit!

" I love the way a person’s experience can translate into their art, and the fact that some of that art can be WORN makes it all the more enjoyable."

"The next project actually goes back into that edgy style that I originally had in the very beginning of Authorized Personnel. I don’t want to go too in depth about it but I have definitely always been inspired by any kind of fall/winter wear."

Now onto something a little more personal, her art. Schellbie's paintings evoke emotions such as nostalgia for me, when I look at them I feel as though time has stopped and all I see are her creations in front of me. I wanted some insight into what her paintings mean to her.

"My most favorite creative project would be my recent photo shoot for my paintings (that are actually up now on my AP studios site). Although this wasn’t my biggest project, I felt some sort of connection towards it because this was something I was actually shy about expressing to the world.

2021 via @waaterydiamonds

"I’ve never considered myself a painter but I think I wasn’t looking

at it the right way, at the end of the day I’m an artist, and I finally got to show a different side of my art that I had never shown the world."

"Painting is something that has never felt like a chore to me. Sometimes when it comes to my business even, when it’s only me handling every aspect of it, the actual business stuff can feel like a chore and the purpose kind of gets lost with all the extra work outside of creating. But when I’m painting it’s like I’m IN the art, it’s like wow my brain did this with my bare hands! It’s also a learning process for me so I get excited every painting just for the simple fact that after this painting I’ll be better on the next one."

Behind all the paintings, clothing, and creativity is a person. And so, for the end of this interview I dove into Schellbie's personality a little deeper, gathering how she feels her zodiac sign plays into her work and who she loves unconditionally.

"As a fellow Sagittarius I think you can agree that we are most definitely the best sign *wink wink* but I exude that energy is in everything that I do! I have a very outgoing personality and with every person I meet it’s as if I’ve known them my whole life. I think the only time this may not be true is if someone did something to make me uncomfortable but that’s pretty rare.

When it comes to my art I think that energy may get turned down a little because of how passionate I am about my work and ideas.

I have this perfectionist mentality which can sometimes stunt my growth and my art, but in reality there’s no such thing. It’s kind of a constant battle I deal with but I’ve been pushing past this insecurity to just show my progress at this point and how far I’ve come.

My mother is obviously the person I love unconditionally. Even though we bump heads, just like every mother and daughter do, I have always been extremely inspired by her. This is someone who has always believed in me, with all the different phases I’ve been through, and all the different hobbies I’ve tried, through each and every one of them she has supported me 100% and I thank her for that."

Schellbie Bibbin's paintings and clothing are available on her site:

IG: @authorized.personnel





IG: @waaterydiamonds