May Favorites 2022

Oh it's been so long! I swore I would make one of these posts for every month of the year, and here I am writing my first one half way into 2022. Better late than never, right? It's the first of June, so here is what I have been admiring this past month.

#1 : Monochromatic ensembles

Who doesn't love pink? These few years have especially shown everyone's absolute devotion to specifically baby pink. I am also guilty. I feel as though you can't go wrong with pieces of an outfit all being the same color, especially when there are different textures, cuts, and patterns involved.

It's simultaneously fun and uniform.

Here I am wearing a top that I thrifted back in 2019, I can't remember from where, it was either from a goodwill in Berkeley or St. Vincent de Paul's in LA.

My pants are vintage Roberto Cavalli and I am in love with the snake print on the back pockets. I plan on selling these soon on a new page for all my vintage pieces, contemporary luxury, and more. Follow 79.finds on Instagram to stay updated.

#2 Date Nights

A night out on the town with my partner is always a welcomed time.

Even though most days I prefer to wind down at home, it's fun to venture into the night and experience things you have not yet seen before; especially when with your boo.

Here's a little poem.

Dinner and drinks..

Living out our 20's, enjoying every second I can.

Book a reservation for 8.

Get ready til 8:15.

Call the restaurant,

We're on the way.

Eat some Thai Food,

Moscow Mule?





Text from Schellbie: "hey wyd"

... after some back and forth

Me to Schellbie: "we 5 away"

The simplicity.

It was a good night.

Or two.

The dinner was from the day before, I think.

#3 Chef-Owned Restaurants

My first year or college I worked at a local grocery store, and they had one of those sections that sold packaged sushi. Like most of these stands, behind the counter was exposed and you were able to see the chefs that would make the sushi.

I closely became friends with the pair of chefs behind the counter.

Their names are Sithu and Zin

They were married

They are the sweetest couple in the world, and I would always get the avocado inari during my breaks.

It's been years since I worked there, but I always shop in the store, and say hello to them every time.

Until I saw someone different behind the counter.

Initially I was sad that I did not get to say goodbye, and hoped that they were okay.

Then one day I randomly passed by this new sushi restaurant.

and I was like ?? then I saw inside Sithu and Zin behind the sushi bar and said ??????

And of course, the first thing I did was call a group of my friends to go have dinner.

I am so incredibly proud of them, the intimate place was packed with people who seemed to feel the same way I did. The food was amazing, the pieces of fish was huge, and they gave us some extra plates as a thank you. It was especially special knowing where they began, and it was completely inspiring as I plan on opening my own store one day.

Now I especially cherish chef-owned restaurants, and I continue to seek a deeper connection between my food and it's many sources.

#4 Finding Beauty in the Little Things

Like these flowers that I saw on a walk. That shade of pink. The fan-style layout. The ombré from the center to the tips.

I am obsessed.

#5 Massages

Nothing beats tending to your body.

One Sunday after a long weekend of attending events, I had the dangerous desire to go get a massage.

Specifically one from my favorite masseuse who I ask for by name, because she gets me right and isn't afraid to put all the strength of her little body into me.

No really, sometimes I feel like I can't breathe but it's okay.

I also like to justify my spending by looking up the benefits of things.

So if you didn't know, here are some benefits of massages:

Lowers stress.

Increases immune function by increasing T cells which aid in fighting viruses.

Boosts mental health and wellness.

Manages pain by increasing circulation, speeding up the process of muscle and cell recovery.