Ikebana: The Art of Japanese Floral Arrangements

Ikebana means living flowers, and is the traditional art of Japanese floral arrangement, with formal display that adheres to strict rules. It involves the delicate arranging of blossoms, branches, leaves, and stems.

Unlike western culture which makes a habit of casually throwing flowers in a vase, Ikebana focuses on the inner qualities of flowers and other live materials to express emotion.

In Japan, most native flowers, plants, and trees hold symbolic meaning and are associated with certain seasons. Ikebana is reflective of this as symbolism and seasonality are the focus of these arrangements.

Traditionally, three to five years are usually required to acquire the full technical and expressive skills involved.

I have been completely captivated by the intricate simplicity that these arrangements convey and have nothing but admiration for these particular ones.

Just beautiful.